The Origins of the Business Name

The Origins of the Business Name

As I was trying to come up with a business name I was overwhelmed.  In order to make a final choice, I decided that I can always change the name later.  My professional trade is accounting. I am a CPA.  Most CPAs use their formal name when starting a business. The aim for choosing a business name was for it to be more about the company than about myself.  The choice for the name needed to be inclusive of other business lines as they are developed.  The final decision was to follow the path of Richard Branson who founded the Virgin Group. He is famous for his companies Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Mobile, etc.   The business name does not rely on me as the sole source but a conglomerate of individuals working together to provide a service to others.

                In my journey of working in jobs for others, I realized that I was happiest when I was helping others.  I felt a sense of accomplishment.  If you needed help, I was the go to person.  If I didn’t have the answer, I was more than willing to help you find it.  As an accountant, I usually work with numbers which is very black and white.  2 plus 2 will always equal 4 and sometimes 3.99. :-) 

I loved being around what I called the creative types.  The creative types are the ones who add music, poetry, art, dance and comedy to the world, etc.  Listening to the entrepreneurs who like to build and create something a little different than the norm is such a joy.  The ones whose expressions through their gifts can make us laugh, smile and cry at the beauty of life and bring so much dynamic energy. It was about viewing life through another set of lenses.  They inspire me.  The first part of the business name is attributed to them.

                The second part of the business name is Annex.  Annex means adding to, addition and/or extension.  The skills provided by the company is to add to those who inspire.  The creators should spend time creating.  It may not leave much time to focus on the accounting of the business.  The creator may not have the business acumen and need a team of people to help out.  We all need a team to make things work more efficiently.  In baseball, one player cannot cover all the bases.  We can do it alone but how much better will it be if we focused on our strengths and collaborated.

                Inspired Annex added its second company – Inspired Annex Apparel!  Live to Inspire and Be Inspired - Apparel and Accessories with quotes to keep us motivated.  At times, we need that extra reminder while we are working out, hiking or building a career!  We can do this!  We got this! Apparel to remind us to live a life worth living.  We should create memories to cherish while chasing our Dreams. Inspired Annex is a company that wants to add to those who inspire us and be an inspiration. #businessname #entrepreneurs #art #music #poetry #business #smallbusiness #adventure #hiking

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